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VakitlerPDA ver 2.7 Athan Times Software for Windows Mobile

 Islamic TimeFrames/Athan Times For PDA ; (Support Windows Mobile PDA versions.)

Last Update : JULY / 18/ 2009  16:43 




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VakitlerPDA is a freeware software which is used as a reminder while following up ISLAMIC Timeframes and Athan (Adthan Times)

Software belongs to the Basic Features; AZAN(Muslims prayer call) is played automatically for 5 times a day after you set the time according to your country.

If you like to know how it is working before the installation please click here

















 GPS supported ( ıt gets the latitude and longtitude information automatically via GPS and immediatly calculates the pray time of your current location according to the Diyanet. This action is done without the need of any internet connection. The GPS points can be set and calculated manually. If you do not know the latitude and longtitude information of your currrent location, you can find the information from our website http://www.Vakitler.NET, and you can learn the angle of Kıble and pray times from the web.)

 We reccomend http://www.qiblalocator.com/ website to find the qibla direction.

Pray times from the Diyanet management website or manually set times can be used as completely free softwares for Windows CE based PDA

Software Screen Images;


 Athan times screen images



The Qibla direction is calculated with the athan times by using GPS positions.

The latitude and longtitude information can be set manually or this information can be found automatically via the GPS.

Whenever you start the gps compass software from the vakitlerPDA, there you will have a red arrow into the screen with a Qabe picture, according to your walking direction the red arrow will show you directly to Qabe. This software is implemented and developed for a special version of vakitlerPDA with the collobration of Maike Wiege and Vakitler Development Team. This special version is freeware for vakitlerPDA to show off the Qabe direction. Thank you Maike Wiege for his contribution for GPScompass software.

(Ver2.8.3 Beta) [Not included setup kit, You need to install Ver.2.7 as a prerequest. As soon as you downloaded the beta file then, please follow up the steps below.]

If you have an embedded GPS or bluetooth GPS then you may want to install GPScompass right from this link
http://vakitler.net/others/GpsPusula.zip (449kb.)

GPS Compass language is changing according to your VakitlerPDA Language settings. English and Turkish supported.


(Ver2.7 is a prerequest)

  1. Please copy the new beta.exe file by renaming its name to the vakitlerPDA.exe on to the old one.

  2. Unzip the GpsPusula.zip file into the VakitlerPDA directory.

With this beta version you will have two new properties,
GPSspot and GoogleMap integration. Please take attention that if need to have GoogleMap Qabe direction then you may pay transaction fee to your GSM operator if you use GSM/GPRS. Wi-Fi connection may be free.











Software Download Alternatives; (English included)


Cab installation file consists of the full versions of 1 athan and 2 warning audio files.  It is sufficient to send it to your cellphone and run the file from where you have sent it. All the shortcuts will come automatically. After the installation you can reach the shortcut of the software from the start or programes menu.


1. Alternative Installation Setup Adress   (2.4Mb.)

2. Alternative Installation Setup Adress   (2.4 Mb.)

(There are only VakitlerPDA.exe files. It does not consist MP3 wav files. We recommend updates for installed software.)



1. Installation Adress  (964 Kb.)

2. Installation Adress  (964 Kb.)

About installation: If you only downloaded a vakitlerPDA.exe file, it is sufficent for you to change the existent files in your PDA with the files you will download from the installation address. If you are using the software for the first time, you will probably need audio files. 

NOTE: Compact FrameWork 2.0 must be installed. To directly download Compact FrameWork 2.0 from your computer to your PDA please download this file and run it on your computer. (39mb) Please make sure that your PDA is attached to your computer and you can reach your PDA from your pc.


For GPS information free of problems, the setup below must be done with PDA;

Start -> Settings -> System


You may need to change the Connection port according to your PDA settings as well. (COM2 is just an example)
















It is possible to set whole timeframes with a different athan voice. Athan voice order is start from ezan1.mp3 to ezan5.mp3 from fajr to the Isha timeframes. If there is not a file with the timeframe name then ezan.mp3 voice plays instead of timeframes' voice file. This is planned for the short resource pda users. Any of the users can add and change their ezan voice by their wishes as described above.

In the setup file there is only one athan file by the name of ezan.mp3 to play for whole timeframes. If you want to play each timeframe different athan voices then you may download those file right here . (12.3Mb. zip file) Unzip these files and just transfer to the software running path.

  1. uyari.wav  file is needed to give remind before athan times.

  2. nafile.wav  file is needed to give extra timeframe alerts.

  3. vakitler.wav file is needed to play Justtime alert,  instead of Athan voice while WAV item is selected under the General Settings menu.
















































From the General Settings; if  Add 30min. selected by the near of Daybreak timeframe under the Added timeframe list section then reminder will be play extra 6 quantity additional to the playing count as well. This is planned for Tahajjud wake up time.

Under the General Settings you will find Timeframe alert section for selecting Athan reading or Meeting mode (WAV) playing for athan times. (Just Fajr athan is always on even if you selected WAV option as well.)


How to change Language to English?

By default the language you will see in Turkish, so you need to change the language into English.

1. Just click any of the blue buttons(Timeframe information button) first then you will see the menu as shown below;

 From the menu "Dil Seçimi" (The 3rd row from the bottom needs to be clicked for the language menu)

 2. then you will see the Language Options window as shown below picture;


 3. From this window you need to choose English and then click the button, the language will be English at all. No need to restart the software again to see the changings.












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If you receive error after installed the software please see below;
  • Compact frame work 2.0 is a pre-request to run the software,
  • There is no support for SmartPhone at the moment.
  • Regional settings check your date-time settings it needs to be DAY.MONTH.YEAR and the time needs to be 24hour format.

























































































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